Detonation Alarm Appeared For Gas Engine G3520

Hi friends, i have question here. My gas engine having a problem with Detonation alarm. It caused trip of my engine. Based on histories in CAT tool was mentioned that detonation alarm happen at few of cylinder, not at all. Some of checking had been done such check the harness, swapping the sensor. But this problem still unable to solve. I looking for your advise what is other way to solve this problem. Any further infomation that you guys need please do not hesitate to let me know. Hopefully it could be solve as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.

Re: Detonation Alarm Appeared For Gas Engine G3520

May be you have real detonation in cilinders. Give more info: 1) what load % or idle when detonation appears. 2) check condition of deton. cilinders by mini camera. 3) do you have load valve in gas line? If have, then try to little close load valve to: rise air and less gas in mixture.
There are many reason of detonation. Give more information.