EMCP 4.2 Single Phase configuration.

   I am helping to set up a Caterpillar 25KVA genset for a small comunity in the mountains in southern Mexico, I am a electronics engineer and have some experience in power distribution and have been asked to help with the instalation and configuration of this generator, the comunity is several hours up the mountains, they experience often power failures and the idea is for the generator to operate the comunity radio station when there is no grid power so they can maintain a level of communication with the comunity as they have no phone lines or internet.

    The genny and transfer came configurated for three phase but the radio station is wired single phase 240V, I was able to program the transfer via the main menu to run on single phase and its working fine. I re arranged the winding conections of the generator as the manual instructions to provide single phase 240V and I recalibrated the voltage regulator and the generator gives out very close to 240 Volts but after a few seconds it shuts off. I assume is because the EMCP controller is still expecting to receive 3 phases, I couldnt find instructions in the manual on how to modify that, I tried all the menus in the EMCP controller but couldn´t find a way to instruct the controller to work in single phase mode. I have modified gensets in the past to work on single phase but they were old and had analog circuits for control, I cant find how to modify this one in the manual. The comunity asked for help to the technicians but the company that sold the generator is charging a lot of money to go set it up because of the unaccesability of the place and the comunity has no more funds for it.

     I just need a quick guideline about how to set up the EMCP 4.2 controller to single phase so it doesn´t shut off the generator after a few seconds of operation.

   I apreciate any information, as I said I´m not an expert in power generation but I work as an Infraestructure Manager in a shrimp farm so I deal with three phase power and generators often in the farm and aquired some knowledge in power distribution out of necessity, I did the instalation of 2 generators and transfers of different models to the one I have been asked to help with with no problems. This work I am doing for the comunity is done for free, I have been asked because I´m one of the few persons in this region that can deal with it.  Thanks in advance to anyone replying to this post.


Re: EMCP 4.2 Single Phase configuration.

  Any help please ?