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G130LG power rating

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I have one stupid question…but I have not been able to start new topic – Power of Gas Engines that produces electricity in kW and were made by CAT.


Mine question would be simple in that category – What power (in kW) has 6.8l engine built in G130LG Generator Set on normal load?


Can anyone help me? I have tried the usual local dealer contact info but they could only dig up a brochure LEHF0019-03 in which I couldn't find the bloody data.

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Re: G130LG power rating

That is the correct spec sheet. The standby rating for LP gas is 130kw, as listed at the top of page one. Ratings for various voltages and natural gas installations is listed at the top of page 3. If this does not cover your situation please reply with more specifics.

--woody // Caterpillar Power Generation Moderator
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Re: G130LG power rating


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Re: G130LG power rating

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