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GEL16SP & LCP2 Panel Wiring

Hello Team,

Back in 2001 I bought a GEL16SP ...Lister version of the GEP.  It has a LCP2 Panel.

My installer back then ran 2 wires ty my ATS so it can do a Remote Start/Stop.


The 2 wires go into a Terminal block which has about 20-25 slots.

In order to monitor the Generator i have to physically go to the GenSet and

see all the Analog gauges.  I want to be able to install a new ATS which can now

monitor things like Amps, RPMs, Voltage, Battery voltage, etc.


Im convinced that the mentioned terminal block provides the required terminals for most

of those functions.


NO ONE seems to have a schematic with the PIN layout names and functions....
Where can i get such information? Help is appreciated. Thank You.

GEL16SP.jpgTerminal Block.jpg