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LPG Vs Diesel in Power Generator

Dear sir,
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Looking for your support to prepare Feasibility study for using LPG Vs Diesel fuel In Power Generator , please note that Iraqi LPG composition in general can be consider as 50%Propane +50% Butane  ,for capacities of 500, 750, 1000 ,1250 KV to work in Iraq climate condition efficiently & successfully.

Our plan based on two phases:-
1-Promote the conversion kit from diesel to LPG.
2-Promote generator use LPG as fuel.
To comply with our study requirements we need below information's to consider:-
1- Comparison of the gen set price LPG Vs Diesel for 500,750.1000.1250 KVA
2- Comparison of life time & maintenance of LPG Vs Diesel for 500,750.1000.1250 KVA
3- Comparison for the cost of consumption rate of fuel for 500,750.1000.1250 KVA between LPG Vs Diesel.
4- The data sheet & price of your available the conversion kit from diesel to LPG

Please advise in which part you are interested and able to support

will be appreciated to have your feedback ASAP
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