PWM problem and run 3512B engine

hello my friends

the model is caterpillar 3512B

i have the problem of the pwm signal for speed control (SPN91 FMI 8) i would like to be supported in the connection of the PWM (175-4998) control of the ECM and DSE 7320 ?? If it does not run with the 7320, then please introduce another model so that it can send the pwm signal to the ECM, waiting for the full explanation. Description: pwm connections (1 and 3 = 0-200 mA) (4 and 6 = 24 V DC) (10 = negative digital reference and 12 = pwm signal for the ECM)

Is it possible to change the type of speed control in ET software? For example, CAN input to use the deepsea controller?
The system has three synchronization generators with an EMCP 4.4 controller that acts through the SCR system.
One of the EMCP controller is damage.
My question is, can I coordinate the 8610 controller with two EMCP 4.4 controllers for synchronization?
The second question
Two generators work as PWM and one of them operates at 0 to 5 volts, is this possible?
Can you teach ECM settings to use the 8610 controller?
For example, in ET software, the options for the Direct Fuel Control Mode and the desired Speed Input configuration option should be changed ?
Please describe and train the connection of the 8610 controller with this kind of Caterpillar system
My last question is can this engine be turned on directly،No controller and no pwm
Just let me know if the engine is turned on؟؟؟؟
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Re: PWM problem and run 3512B engine

 DSE7320 for single operation and auto start. Better use DSE8610 (as u say). Take off converter 0-200ma - pwm and direct connect DSE(gov34;35) - ADEM4, AVR(37;38) - CDVR, ECU(25;26) - ADEM, MSC(31;32) - DSE. And change in ET (adem) speed control (i dont remember exactly may be external input 0-5vdc). What is the second parameter in ET:( Desiered speed input config 1-pwm; 2-?)