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Please help me!!!

Hi all,

I have synchronise 02 CAT generators that use ADEM4 for injection pump. Any one have a diagram of this ECM? Please send me if you have or advise me if you know how to control speed with this ECM.





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Re: Please help me!!!

You'll need to provide more details, best is to provide the serial numbers of the units you have, the kW, voltage ratings and what kind of control panel it has mounted. The dealer you bought it from should be able to provide this info.


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if it is ADEM4 (like C15)gensets, using 9X9591 for speed adjustment.

9X9591 is used to convert analogue signal(0-5V DC) to PWM signal.

The speed signal is connected to 66 pin in ECM from PWM.

Additional, use ET to set the "desired speed input"  as PWM input.







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Re: Please help me!!!

Dear longkin. Are you from Vietnam? If you are, I can help you. I'm working for PhuThaiCAT.

Pham Minh Tuyen (Mr)
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Re: Please help me!!!

hai bro....if you want to control speed you can use PWM converter and load sharing PWM output my suggest you can use Load sharing PWM output and make easy for sincron

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Re: Please help me!!!


I have at the moment synchronised 5x 500KVA Perkins generators 2800 series engine with ADEM4 ECM 

using DSE 8610 contollers. I used CAN to control the speed. The machines synchronise perfectly zero reverse feed, no circulating current due to one common star point No master machine due to balancing of hours, Perfect load shareing.

If you need a wiring diagram on the ADEM4 i can Email you one or other information you may need