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Popular CAT Diesel Gensets

Hello All,


Does anyone know what the most popular prime diesel generator model was for year 2000 and older?


Someone from Michigan CAT mentioned that it might be the 3512 engine rating 1350 kW.


Anyone else have an idea?

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Re: Popular CAT Diesel Gensets

You might want to define "popular" a bit as that has many meanings to many folks.  The 3500 series platform had a heavy volume for sales and still does.  But how far back do  you want to go in history is another parameter of your search you will want to define as well.  


Pre- 1985 Id say the 6 1/4 bores ruled the world until the late 1990s, when the 3500 series was fully launched.  Now if you want different market segments (Marine, EPG, Oil & Gas, Industrial) etc., specify what and where in the world (geography) you interested in.   Footprints and power density improved across the markets substantially as well.  So you will start to see alot of overlap in HP and KW ratings.


Im guessing someone on here can fill in the blanks.  This is probably a pretty simple question for your local CAT dealer if your just wanting local metrics.  If you want Global info, id send an email to the "Feedback" area in the CAT.COM website, Im sure they can give you some figures.



Better specifics- better answer...


Hope that gives you something to work with for now.


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Re: Popular CAT Diesel Gensets

Well as you've probably guessed, I'm looking to see what model generator we should optimize our hydrogen unit for.  We are primarialy interested in the drilling industry, and the mining industry. Whoever is running diesel generators for eight hours or more a day, we would like to know who they are, and what generators they're using, and how many there are.


The reason being for them to be year 2000 or earlier is because we don't know how the ECU's work with hydrogen.

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Re: Popular CAT Diesel Gensets

Based on your target, likely the 3512 and 3516 series engines, still quite a few A models out there in land based drilling, although most are giving way to B series engines mainly because fuel consumption and engine performance so much better.


Older B series engines might work ok with your added fuel, some of the older ECM's didn't have a lot of protective programming. However anything with a CARB or EPA rating likely will throw a fault because it will see high manifold air press with low fuel injection duration or rate, and it will think it has a problem. We ran into that on some newer units installing a dual fuel system.


I'm curious, does your retrofit include any form of knock sensor or detonation protection?  Do you insist on assuring things like exhaust port pyrometers are installed, that manifold air temperature is monitored, additional fire detection systems, etc?


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