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Power Wizard 2.0



I have just got a question about using Power Wizard 2.0. Our CAT genset is set to be automatically started by the ATS which senses the utility loss. There is a load bank connected to the genset for load testing. This load bank has an enable/disable dry contact input.


The technical manual says that the digital selector #1 (relay output No.3) can be programmed to be an event output which can be used to trigger a relay output on a specific event, and within the given list of the SPNs there is one called “Loss of Utility”. My questions are:

  1. How does the control panel sense the “Loss of Utility” event? Is it triggered by the start signal from the ATS?
  2. If it is from the ATS start signal, can I use this relay output to disable my load bank. 
  3. Can this relay output be programmed to NC?



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Re: Power Wizard 2.0

1.Pw2.0 do not features "Mains check" function. You must have a module to check Mains Failture.

2.PW2.0 could accept Remote signal(dry contact:open-stop;close-start; continuous type signal).

3.PW2.0 features 8-programalbe Relayout, 6-type A(NO),2-type C(NC nad NO);1-programmable Digital output.

   The relayout 1 and 2 are used by CAT, so there is 6 relayout for use(4 NO and 2 NC&NO)

4. You could use relay 7 and 8 for NC.5

5. Each Relayout has different DIGITAL SLECTOR option for definate the active condition.

   For example: Engine Started, V&Hz within limits.


I suggest you use Start signal-from ATS to control Load Bank, not form PW2.0. It is easy and clear.