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Power system Design Using Redundant Generators

Hi Everyone,


I'm going to be running a test on a site that has no power at all. My work bought two 100kW 406/240V generators, they want to use for the test, one primary and one back up. We will be using a delayed automatic transfer switch to switch over to the backup incase the primary generator fails. I also have to step down to 120V somewhere usuing a transformer. Here is the issue. Our Genset will be about half a mile away from the test stand, and i need to put some sort of UPS in line somewhere to keep power going while the transfer switch does its job.


Is it possible to get transfer switches that turn on a generator, so i don't have both constantly running? Otherwise i have to apply some sort of artificial load on the backup generator that shuts off when the ATS switches over to it, correct?


Will there be issues using the generators 406V to power one part of my system and then running it into some transformers to get my lower voltages?


A more experienced electrical engineer suggested a VFD? Is that necessary?


I have no knowledge on what to look for in fuse boxes and breakers in case of a power surge, if that is even an issue.


any help would be much apprieciated on what i should be careful of



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Re: Power system Design Using Redundant Generators

For the ATS switch, try and find one rated for "dual prime" or "dual source" operation, these are designed just for an application like yours.


If you want to maintain power in most normal transitions, you may want to consider closed transition transfe switches, some dual prime ATS's do offer the ability to do a closed transition transfer by doing a brief parallel.


What kind of loads ar you powering?  A VFD does not have any kind of ride thru capability. Do you need a full capacity UPS or just enough to power critical loads?


Transformers shouldn't be a problem as long as you keep the loading on the three phases as balanced as possible.


Hope that helps, MikeL.

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Re: Power system Design Using Redundant Generators

Determination of the voltage class more often than not relies upon the measure of load and additionally physical space and cost to course link from the generator to the switchgear.



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