Recommendations of the power of water jacket heaters

Hello everybody. Does Caterpillar have information on the required power of the heaters? I have a D3512 model 1400F (1275/1020) and for it I need to choose a heater. I previously chose a model of 9 kW 3 phases with a pump. But maybe enough will be the same but at 6 kW? The temperature in the room with the engine drops to +5 degrees Celsius.

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Re: Recommendations of the power of water jacket heaters

well i would suggest you the jtan Low Frequency 9-12 KW 3 Phase Solar Invertor

some of their feaures which come with it are below

  • On-grid Inverter with Energy Storage
  • Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • Self Consumption and Feed into the grid
  • Built in MPPT Solar  Charge Controller
  • Multiple Operations: Grid tie, Off grid, and grid tie with back up
  • Multiple Communication for RS 485 , Canbus and Modbus

hope this works for you

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Re: Recommendations of the power of water jacket heaters

Information on how to size a jacket water heater is available in the Cooling SYstem Application and Installation Guide, LEBW4978, look here ,


For most typical applications the standard convection heaters may be ok, but you have a pretty low ambient temp requirement. Also things like where your radiator is and the type of engine enclosure can impact sizing of the heater as well.


Watlow and Kim Hotstart both supply heating systems for engines and are quite familar with CAT products, so maybe contacting them with your requirments my be best.


Hope that helps, MikeL.