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Ship to shore power

I have a requirement to connect a 400V 725A 3 phase + neutral 50Hz cable between the shore and a pontoon moored 20m away from the shore.


The pontoon is rectangular and anchored at each corner.


However, it goes up and down with the tide and, as the anchor cables cannot be taut for all states of the tide, it moves about horizontally.


Any ideas anyone?



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Re: Ship to shore power

Dear Danfiley,


Can you forward more details on this like 1.project location,2.wind speed of the area,3.Rating,Size and weight of the unit,4.Operating cycle of the unit etc.We can  work for an fail safe solution.


Happy to know you thru, Cat. 

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Re: Ship to shore power

hi,this is alebraz-energy,i have seen such an solution in guatemala,and nicaragua,beside power-barges:

its the same system like in the oilfield,or in bunker industry...

1)you need swimming cushions,airfilled,with lashing equipment,where you can fasten your cabel to/

other solution is to pack it into a strong oilfield hose,its the most flexible solution,and its protectet against mechanical demage!!!

2) to maintain the maximum lenght of this swimming unit,with cabel,you need to measure it with an addition of about 25 % for stormy situations

,and it can be spring loaded,so its kept tight all times

its a little costly,but for safety reasons ,nothing is to costly,i guess you need at least 40-50 meters of cabel

however ,try it out,and find the right solution

have success


juergen halfar

Re: Ship to shore power

Thank you Jeugen,


Maybe I have a solution.