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Re: Failure Rate of CAT 3516B Engine

I have followed many generators in stan mode, also referred to the 3512, and 3516, the typical defect of this application is the engine coolant, and batteries,


1 antifreeze old because nerssuno want to spend, and create deposits in the cooling system, and evidence setttimanali are useless if you do not give a little bit of load and do not last at least an hour,


2 batteries, make 100 starts, but the actual use do not fire, and no one has come up with a boster help in the event of a real emergency,


3 many engines were broken and cast in bronze bushings due to the lubricating oil of real poor quality,


moral, are machines that are used only for insurance and other, nobody wants to spend both in installation and after maintenance,

I hope that my experience I have in the Italian aid


greetings gordini

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Failure Rate of CAT 3516B Engine

Looking for failure rate data on a genset:  3516B engine; SR4B generator (used as a standby diesel generator)