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Re: Frequency and power generation

You need to get a good understanding of the basics first,  here is an excellent manual from Woodward that explains general power control basics,

Start with this and then reform your questions.
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Frequency and power generation



In North America our power is distributed at a frequency of 60hz. It is my understanding that this is a historical fact of the original generation stations and the speed at which the generators spun. Easy to figure out. My question comes along from what happens when you add a second generator to the supply? How does one synchronize them? Is there some inherent property in the generation and transmission of the power that causes both generators to spin in synchronicity, or become synchronized? Is there some mechanical clutch or linkage that brings them into sync, like a giant synchromesh gear as the second generator spins up to speed?

Now, scale that up to an entire plant, or grid? How do you get disparate systems delivering power in a synchronized manor that provides a clean power signal/transmission, and how do you do it across vast distances - obviously distance between power sources will induce some relativistic shift in frequency. The data observed at Plant A is time shifted by distance from Plant B, etc. Is there a series of "Master clocks" that all plants synchronize frequency with?

I can envision how power generated by solid state means (PV Cells, thermal conversion, etc.) could sync to the grid, as the frequency is created by solid state timing circuits, and they'd merely need to have a feedback circuit to sense the local grid's frequency and match. The vast bulk of power is generated by the conversion of mechanical energy (usually spinning generators) to electrical energy, and each generator may be tuned to generate at 60hz, but timing of when they start, when load is applied, etc would change when the wave peaks or valleys would it not?



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