Re: Fuel Quality Input

Hello JP18.


We have 6 g3520c and for now we set the fuel quality, the LLHV and HLHV are parameters for set window for the 4..20 mA signal. For this signal we use a FAU landtec, the signal it´s not the btu just the ch4 level.




Re: Fuel Quality Input



please contact with your cat dealer .he will made change via et ,

Note   for safe operation call service dealer technician with emission analyzer and et. For batter fuel adjustment.

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Fuel Quality Input

Hello everybody,

need help with landfill application of G3516B genset. Due to LHV changes I need to use Fuel Quality Input Configuration by setting of lower and upper LHV setpoint.

I could not find where to connect LHV signal to Customer Connector. RENR 2460-05

Genset ZBB 00281

Thanks for help