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in turkey we have an methane percentage of 90%..thats crazy nice..**bleep** good

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Dear Sirs gpl, why not have methane, or natural gas,

gpl fundamental difference and the high potential explosive translated is a high risk of detonation,

Timing wants delayed by methane, stecchiometria is similar calorific value, higher

LPG is a mixture or question, I do not think propane to 90%, in Europe especially in Italy is a mixture, max 65% pure propane, the rest various gases, burns well but wants heated, it tends to freeze because of the butane content,

I do not see big problems if you do not finance to work with LPG, petroleum, it takes equipment, flue gas analysis and knowledge of the engine you want to use, the 3500 series c, is equal to the others, we need a knowledge of the specific and insert correctly with the ET instrument for carburarlo,

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Re: G3516C run on LPG

LPG is composed primarily of propane and butane, while natural gas is composed of the lighter methane and ethane. LPG, vaporised and at atmospheric pressure, has a higher calorific value (94 MJ/m3 equivalent to 26.1kWh/m3) than Natural gas (methane) (38 MJ/m3 equivalent to 10.6 kWh/m3), which means that LPG cannot simply be substituted for natural gas. In order to allow the use of the same burner controls and to provide for similar combustion characteristics, LPG can be mixed with air to produce a synthetic natural gas (SNG) that can be easily substituted. LPG/air mixing ratios average 60/40, though this is widely variable based on the gases making up the LPG, in this light  never heard about an engine or power plant run on LPG.

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G3516C run on LPG

Dear all,

Can any body tell me about the condition to run the G3516C on LPG fuel.


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