Re: G3516E Sysnchronization problem



the syncronization problem finally was a problem of not good reaction of throttle actuator. You can read also the post for backfire. 


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Re: G3516E Sysnchronization problem

If you have not resolved it, than kindly let me know,


which governor you are using for synchronisation ?


For synchronisation no load desired RPM of all Engine MUST be same even chang in single digit may effect like anything.


By the time you must have checked and adjusted speed gain,stability,parameters.


Do give your feedback if you have resloved it, will helpful.

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Re: G3516E Synchronization problem


If you are having synchronization problem with your 3516E gen set check the following:


1. Spark plugs and be sure you are using the manufacturer spec.

2. Carry out engine compression check and make sure is within acceptable variable tolerance.

3. Check your breaker close circuit for continuity.

4. Check for caburator linkage drift and rectify

5. Check fuel supply and air filter clog

7. Check for electronic governor and it actual for proper response.



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G3516E Sysnchronization problem



In our company we have three generation sets G3516E. one of them can not be synchronised easily. Speed of the engine is not stable. The speed turns from 1490 to 1510 rpm during the synchronisation procedure.  Which are the most common reasons for this situation?




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