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The actual answer to the question raised.., is there is no problem at all. This all depends on your history with engines using low energy fuels.  Earlier, it is mentioned about plugs etc.  No problem with any component, just that your expectations have to be tweaked to meet with reality.  Ask more, you'll get more.  We currently have 10 20C's, and we have no issues with any components on the engine.  In fact from my first LCC, it has come way down from that.  This is a global Caddilac, hard not to make money of these.

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By methane I assume you mean some form of bio-fuel like landfill or digester gas?


Affect to engine will largely be based on how clean you get your fuel, mainly siloxanes and H2S.  Also deposits from a higher ash oil sometimes used in biofuels applciations may cause increased cylinder deposits.


Also organics and free liquids can cause issues.


You'll likely see reduced spark plug and transformer life due to higher energy requirements to burn the fuel, also affected by deposit levels. As deposit levels increase you will NOx emissions increase from higher compression, also detonation margins decrease and engine alarms and shutdowns increase.


Raptor valve can be affected by fuel deposits, aftercooler core can see corrosion and plugging, again depends on how much crud comes in with the gas. Turbo's tend to see hot wheel deposits, and can cause imbalance if they break off under load and cause a turbo failure.


Cylinder deposits on valve heads and faces can also break off while running and cause valve guttering.


The 3500 C and E gas engines are highly turbocharged and designed to run at low fuel consumption and emission rates, makes them more sensitive to irregularities with fuel and combustion.


Hope that helps.

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g3520 is third class engine i am operating G3520c engine from last 5year  

G3520C Generator set

Could anybody tell me what kind of problems that is to be expected with a G3520C Generator running on methane gas? 



Spark Plugs, Cyclinder Heads, Turbo, Pistons, Reliability?