Contributor JCL

G3520C Landfill - Fuel pressure troubles.

Hi folks. 


Recently we have been presenting some problems with our engine. It has been sending an alarm of low fuel pressure on the engine control, but in the remote pc that we have to monitorize the engine everything seems to be just fine. This warning has been there for a while and it does not want to go away. We have checked the fuel lines and our blower is pumping 150 mBar at the entrance of the engine fuel lines. From that point we have two analogue meters, one before the fuel filter and other one after, and both of them are reading less than 100 mBar. I guess it could be a matter of dust or some strange particle blocking the analogue meters but its a bit hard to believe when the engine control panel is displaying an alarm. To put everything clear, we have just opened the fuel line and the filter is ok, the pipe section that arrives to the Raptor also is clear, and the Raptor flow sensor also its clean (it was changed one year ago).


This issue causes failure but it is random, not everytime it stops the engine. When it happens, the monitor shows "Reverse Power" fault. 

Other important info. Our engine starts its warm up with 97 kPa and a Gas flow of 50 SCFM. Then, when it is operating with load it sways from 87 kPa to 92 kPa and a gas flow of 450 SCFM at 800 kW. We have noticed that sometimes the engine can not take the load as fast as it should. Something inside the fuel lines seems to be reacting really slow to open the throtle because if we push it taking blocks of 100 kW to reach the 800 kW that we are operating right now, it stops because of the reverse power on the pc and in the engine panel shows the low fuel pressure.


Hope to read some feedback from other projects, it seems like our dealer does not have the expertise required for this not common technology of biogas on landfill aplications.