G3520E GZE 100% opening Throttle Position


The problem is the following when the engine is fully loaded Throttle Position 100%. So the engine slowly reduces the load. 

The cleaning of the fuel valve. Replacement of sensors In Man Pr.(abs). 



Gen kw=1950

T/C outlet pr.(abs)=340kpa

In Man Pr.(abs)=340kpa

Throttle Act pos command=100%

T/C comp bypass valve pos com=0%

Mass fuel flow = 347

Grid Status=on

Gov type setting=isochronous

Eng speed droop=0%

Actual Air to Fuel Ratio=27.9

Fuel valve pos=60%

Fuel press(abs)121kpa

Fuel valve diff press=30kpa

Fuel temp=11degC

Gas spec grav=0,6

Fuel quality=34.2MJ/nm3

Actual Charge density factor=1.1

Desired Charge density factor=1.15

Gas fuel corr factor=85%


Inlet air temp=47degC

I can send the engine work file .sdf