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Re: Genset Synchronisation

bak and to do better picture , or go to read, info about engine model  and serial number, or try to found genset label, arround botton frame, different no help, panel on, read if the model is 3.1, 3.2,  maeby is are ready with minimun works, 


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Re: Genset Synchronisation

Hello, better write not foto:
1. What ECU (adem...)?
2. What speed regulator : (mecanica or electronic, woodward....)?
3. What EMCP?
4. What voltage regul( CDVR...)
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Re: Genset Synchronisation

The fact you are asking the question as you are makes the first suggestion, go find an experienced person to do it.


The Deep Sea products are pretty good devices with good support, but you still have a bit of leg work to do.


I'm assuming all have the same rated voltage and frequency?


Have you verified the winding pitch of each unit is the same?


Are you setting up the system as a backup or paralleled to a utility or other prime source, or is it an island system?


How fast do you need the units to come on line?


What is the system voltage and frequency deviation tolerence?


Do you want proportional load sharing? Or do you need the ability to have any one unit go into a baseload mode?


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Genset Synchronisation


I want to synchronise between 3 Generators using DSE8600 controller with the following rating:




what do i need to mkae the synchronization with problems???

i do not have the data sheet for each Genrator so i took photos for the nameplate and the control if it is help