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Re: How to power a bright future for ASEAN

Thanks for sharing your tremendous knowledge. Not everyone can ber such presuasive and thorough about this like you do.




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How to power a bright future for ASEAN

The final challenge relates to the environment. ASEAN member states must find ways to supply the required energy in a sustainable manner, minimising pollution of all types: air pollution, greenhouse gases, freshwater, groundwater and land. Within ASEAN, the risks posed by coal combustion and the development of biofuels are particularly prominent.

Fostering effective energy transition using a fact-based framework

Meeting the challenges described above for an effective energy transition in ASEAN requires the mobilization of cross-disciplinary expertise and resources, and a multi-stakeholder consensus over the destination of energy transition and the regional priorities therein. Planning for energy transition requires a transparent assessment of the current situation, clarity over the long-term vision and a roadmap leading to the destination.