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Re: NOx emissions - Selective Catalytic Reduction System

Is your engine gas or diesel? If gas, what vintage? If diesel, MUI or EUI? What is your application? How are you loaded? What are your site emissions requirements? I have applied engines in Southern California for about 30 years, and have dealt with both diesel and gas engine aftertreatment systems. As you can see a generally asked question will get you general responses with a number of sales pitches. There is no one size fits all solution for emissions aftertreatment for these engines. However there are a number of effective solutions if properly engineered, applied, commissioned and maintained. Also what do you mean by "biofuel"? Are you referring to biodiesel for a diesel engine? Or bio-gas fuels derived from landfill, digester or some other source? Better info on your end will get you a better answer, hope that helps. Mike L
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Re: NOx emissions - Selective Catalytic Reduction System

This may be useful but I guess there will be many skeptics,


I have been using hydrogen with water vapor injection and NOx has stopped.

Combustion efficiency has greatly improved with reduced emissions also.


My 3126 DITA is used for highly efficient power generation for just over two years

and with a 20% reduction in diesel..

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Re: NOx emissions - Selective Catalytic Reduction System

Mountainrider77: another solution for NOx reduction is a hybrid technology called the E-POD that combines SCR and diesel particulate filters or oxidation converters. This product has been installed on Cat 3512 engines and will bring most engines into Tier 4 compliance by reducing NOx, PM, HC and CO. Heres a link to a Diesel Progress article on the E-POD:
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Re: NOx emissions - Selective Catalytic Reduction System

Hello Mountainrider77,  there is a NON-TOXIC FUEL ADDITIVE for gas, diesel and biodiesel engines, both stationary and non stationay, that

can substantially reduce NOx"s VOCS, PARTICULATE MATTER and reduce engine temperature and consumption.  If you're still having issues

with emissions compliance,  we can lelp.  I look forward to your prompt reply.


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Re: NOx emissions - Selective Catalytic Reduction System



Our company has also three G3516E engines and three catalyst systems one for each engine. Catalyst systems run for two years now without problems. The maintenance instructions for the catalyst system give three years untill the first catalyst check (i am talking about the catalyst plates). If these plates are clean enough you can continue using them. For sure you have to check often the emissions before and after the catalyst to see if there is a problem. Who is the provider of your catalyst system? Do you have a maintenance contract for the catalysts? 




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Re: NOx emissions - Selective Catalytic Reduction System

sir plz if you know about Nox. so expalin it brefely.thanks


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NOx emissions - Selective Catalytic Reduction System

Our company operates a Cat 3516 engine fitted with a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system to NOx emissions requirements.  I'm wondering if anyone else runs a similar setup and what kind of lifespan you are getting out of your catalysts.  Also if anyone has an alternative system that will meet our NOx reduction requirements, I'd love to hear about it.  Lastly, has anyone made the conversion to a percentage biofuel and what kind of effect did you experience in your emissions monitoring.