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Re: Need help with pig poop power

If you have not found a solution yet, let me know how to reach you.


We provide EPC for biogas projects and had designed systems with pig heads as high as 200,000 average daily population...

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Re: Need help with pig poop power

If you are using a rich-burn or lean-burn natural gas engine run on ag-gas/digester-gas, you still need to be aware of air quality regulations. Although no particulate is produced by using ag-gas, emissions of NOx, HC and CO are still present and may be regulated. Any rich-burn engine (generally under 500 kW) manufactured after July 2008 comes under EPA New Source Performance Standards and most likely will need a three-way converter to reduce emissions.
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Re: Need help with pig poop power

Actually it's very proven technology. Cat has a huge presence in this technology and your local industrial dealer should be able to help you. If your in the midwest (MN.IA,westeren IL, and the eastern Dakotas/Nr) Thats Ziegler in Shakopee or Des Moines. As for hogs it can be done but it takes 900 animal units to produce about 400Kw. (1 animal unit = 900lbs) in other words it takes a whole bunch of pig *^**!  Martin County in MN has  a huge  number of swine operations but the cost to move waste to the digester site prohibits the project. As does the cost of a bunch of seperate units.

The very best use for Animal  Waste digester generation is on a  big dairy.The waste is kept in a localized site, once the digester has finished it's process the material is sent to a screw press and the liquid is removed and used as a ferrilizer grade nitrogen and the dry material is used as bedding. Everything is kept in one loop with no chance of contamination from multiple waste sources.


Re: Need help with pig poop power

I know there have more than 70 such bio gas projects in Thailand, don't know if you know someone in Thailand, you can ask him.




Re: Need help with pig poop power


Bio power experience is availabel in the Netherlands.

Write an email to:

Sven has been involved in project where manure is turned into electricity by a microturbine.


Look here about one of the projects:


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Need help with pig poop power

Friend of mine runs a pig operation, and wants to look at harvesting methane from the pig manure. Where can I get more information on the equipment needed, and how to do this? And how many hogs are needed to make this worthwhile? Anyone have a pig-to-kw conversion calculator? Smiley Very Happy