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Re: Old 3516 emission data?

Thanks gordini-motori, is that 250 parts per million for NOx?


If so, then makes me feel better, the factor EPA uses for this class of engine (natural gas, 4 stroke lean burn) is 4.08 pounds per million british thermal units (lb/MMBtu) which when applied to this engine means it's putting out 71 tons of NOx every year which is more than the entire facility! Using 250 ppm (technically ppm by volume, dry (ppmvd) corrected to 15% oxygen), that's about 1/3 of the ppm rate using the EPA factor (I calculated the ppm rate using EPA's factor to be about ~834 ppmvd), which would mean it is reasonable that the engine is only putting out about 25 tons per year. For the sake of some educated guessing, it will do. Short of a stack test under load conditions you never know for sure anyway!

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Re: Old 3516 emission data?

we have in europe some same engine still running we make fuel ratio at, wen is possible from fuel quality and power use, 

at 250 NOX 

at 500 CO , we have only 11-1 ratio piston for gen set use in electricity network conection, no stanalone use 

not are all time same, no automatic controll, but is ok for respet our regolation 


Old 3516 emission data?

Hi all, I've got an old 3516 natural gas generator (serial 3RC00148) that according to the dealer is from 1988 so there's no emission data on it. EPA's emission factors are pretty generalized using AP-42, so I'd like to use a more accurate emission factor. Short of conducting a stack test, are there any emission factors/data for an engine this old?