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So is your only complaint your fuel consumption is too high?  How long is a "long while"?


While the Olympian line of product is certainly not as robust as the regular lines of CAT EPG product, if properly sized and maintained can provide good service life in a number of applications. A radio station seems like a fairly easy duty, unless you are in a severe environment.


To properly size your units you would need to look at the following information,


What is you load profile, includes, min, max and average load.

What is you average power factor?

How long do you want to run continuos before needing service, such as oil and filter changes.


To provide the best possible service life, you need to undertand the effects of your operation and environment. The most fuel efficient engine would likely be a smaller displacement and turbocharged. However if you have a widely varying load, large temperature extremes, poor fuel quality, or a lot of dust and dirt, maybe the most fuel efficient engine would not be the best choice long term.


You have two choices at this point, find an experienced generator supplier or engineer to help you thru the selection process, or educate yourself. What you need to learn to do this right is way more than you can get in a few posts on a website.


Talk to your various potential generator package suppliers, most all manufacturers publish some form of application and installation manual. Also look to someone like EGSA ( and reference their On-Site Power Generation, A Reference Book.


As for your friend, you might ask him what his specific concerns about your package are. Unless he's just PO'd because a US company bought out FG Wilson and Perkins.


Good luck, Mike L.

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Residential, Commercial or Industrial


I have two 110KVA Olympian generators I have been using for a long while.

A friend of my visited from the UK and said that the generators I have are not designed to work long hours.
Specifically, he said since the generators are not industrial generators they can’t be fuel efficient and this is the major problem I have with the generators I have.

So, Please I’d like you to elucidate on it.


I intend to buy 2 Generators for my 24/7 radio station that are fuel efficient.

Kindly reply as soon as you can.