Re: Should the digital display go out after the first 20 some hrs of use?

Well seems like you have put quiet a thought to these things. Loved everything you said. Hope to see you more here.




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Should the digital display go out after the first 20 some hrs of use?

I bought this CAT rp 7500 generator from Lowe's on Thursday Sept. 13, 2018. I got it because hurricane Florence was on its way here in North Carolina. Well, the power went out on Friday and I fired up the generator. I like the fact the unit has an electric starter. It is easy to start. I used all four of the three pronged outlets on the unit. I ran my refrigerator, freezer, microwave oven, four lamps, and a radio. I initially ran the unit for 13 hours straight. I did cut it off for about four hours because I went to sleep. I turned the unit back on the next morning for about another 6 to 8 hours straight before power was restored to my neighborhood. The unit performed very well but I am disappointed that the digital display window used to indicate voltage, frequency, and hours of use quit working. I really do not think I did anything to cause the display window to go blank. I had the unit in my carport away from the wind driven rain. Rain did get blown into the carport but the unit was between my vehicle and the wall of the carport. I've included a picture of the unit turned on. You can clearly see the LED light is on, but the display window is not illuminated. I've sent Caterpillar an email through their customer support page and will go from there. I'll see how they handle this issue. I'll come back and change the rating to a five star if Caterpillar satisfactorily handles this issue.