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Re: Using Tallow as fuel 3412

Tallow which is made from animal fat, basically can be an ingredient for biodiesel.  There is are many things to factor for biodiesel applications.  CAT has a fuel specification guide which should be consulted.  


Some things to consider:


1- what is your application? New engine, older engine, emissions requirements, etc...stationary, truck, tractor, ???

2- are long periods of fuel storage required?  (Biodiesel is known to have storage issues as organic compounds will grow in the fuel.)

3- What is the blend of the biodiesel and does it meet the CAT fuel specs?  (B100, thermodynamic energy, etc...)

4- Fuel treatment costs

5- what is your need for biodiesel?   cost vs conventional fuel....?  just experimenting??



Theres are many other factors to consider.  I would contact your CAT dealer and have them run through the scenarios for your area and application...


Nick C.

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Using Tallow as fuel 3412

Hi , I am new to this


Has any one fueled a engine on Tallow oil?