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planned protection software changing CAT ENGINES TO opportunity FUELS/gasoline combos

i'm in particular interested in retrofitting as many of our older engines as viable so that you can convert our many Cats to opportunity fuels/combinations through a planned preservation program. My company has furnished me aid in this quest of developing retrofit opportunities. i would appreciate your statistics for Cat engines are extra than 1/2 of our vast desk bound and on/off road fleet., many with few hours at the engine because the enterprise is seasonal (summer) and highly regulated for sound compliance.


My particular issues consist of:

Documenting the unit conversion to the precise gasoline(s) for proper engine existence

Documenting reputation via California government with a suitable opportunity gasoline vehicle fame

Measuring techniques to guide persisted popularity as opportunity gasoline compliant

strategies of complying with Tier 4 engine requirements: i used to be recommended that merely converting the top on a "new" Cat engine with most effective 500 hours on it'll no longer be an appropriate Tier four engine because the block is from 1999 and is assumed defective because of age though the engine continues to be being bought. Diesel repowering might be properly in extra of $10K, and the genset would be an additional engine.