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Re: waste heat recovery

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Hi John,

I am looking for an exhaust heat exchanger that can take the exhaust from 900 degF down to around 320 degF which will heat thermal oil.

Any suggestions?


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Re: waste heat recovery

hello,this is juergen,some ideas to recover heat:

1) you can use your waste heat to produce freshwater,how? its simple: use an freshwater generator,and with your engine cooling water,or your

steam condensat, you can produce much water,with vacuum

2) also you can use your waste heat for treatment of your oily wastewater,in order of separation,or in order to evaporate it also ,with an sludge

treatment unit,using heat and vacuum

3)you also can use your heat to heat your tanks,and,and,and


---luboiltanks,and more


use plate heat exchangers,with gaskets,glued,in order to open,and clean them

there are many of manaufakturers of heat exchangers, ---ALFALAVAL--TRANTER--GEA--SCHMIDT--AND MORE,GASKETET,WELDET,SOLDERET,AND MORE.....specify,and call your next dealer,for instence in the states,florida,you have and autorized dealer for ALFALAVALproducts ,including heat exchangers,with good prices:here the

responsible:floyd goble

if you have details,com back:pick all parameters,and values

have a nice day

juergen from manaus


juergen halfar

Re: waste heat recovery


But what are your question?

What are you looking for?



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Re: waste heat recovery

Thank you AMI_Hoeft.

As this process unfolds, I will be back in touch.



Re: waste heat recovery

1. We have experience with most engine manufacturers' technology (i.e. Cat, Waukesha, Cummins, Jenbacher).  Regardless of the engine or genset, the heat recovery fundametals remain the same.


2. Regarding the source, it really depends on the plant's hot water needs.  The Jacket Water (JW) has the majority (~24 to 28% of the total fuel btu) of the recoverable heat.  The Exhaust has next most (~13 to 18%) recoverable heat. Unfortunately, you cannot recover all of the heat from the exhaust due to condensation effects. With exhaust heat at 950+ deg F., it is recommended to not take the heat below (approx.) 300 deg F.  The Lube Oil temperatures are relatively low and are usually part of the Auxilary Water Loop.  You can recover heat from oil , however, any reasonable payback on the oil heat is difficult.


3. All of these systems are best if the engine can remain as a "closed loop" circuit.  So, the JW loop is hard piped from the JW outlet to a plate & frame heat exchanger (HE) (e.g.  one side of the HE circuit has the JW and the other side has the plant water loop).  To recover the heat in the Exhaust system, a heat recovery silencer (HRS) is utilized.  Vaperphase is a reputable group for this technology.  The plant water loop which exits the JW HE can be piped to the HRS.  The HRS output goes on to the plant loop.  In these system, it is also recommended to you have a heat dump radiator in case the plant loop does not take all of the heat from the plant water loop.


4. Water.


5. I believe questions #2 and #3 answered you next question.  You may wish to order a reference book for more information.  One suggestion is from EGSA at  I believe Pennwell has other cogen books.  They may not answer all of your questions, but it will be a good start. 


Good luck and let us know if you have any other questions.  Otherwise, I am sure your local Cat dealer can help with the details and recommend a local engineering firm to conduct a cogen analysis on your plant.



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Re: waste heat recovery

What engine did you recover heat from?

What sources did you recover waste heat from (jacket, exhaust, lube oil, etc.)?

Where did you connect to these waste heat systems?

What heat transfer medium did you use in the exhaust heat exchanger (water, thermal oil, other?)?

What was the set-up of the system?




Re: waste heat recovery

Yes, what are your questions?
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waste heat recovery

Does anybody have any experience recovering waste heat from engines or gensets?