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Re: C15 emissions

I see at the bottom, there is a footnote stating, "Emissions data is based on 100% load and thus cannot be used to compare to EPA regulations which use values based on a weighted cycle."  Is this the reason that the numbers don't appear to be within the thresholds set by the US EPA?

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C15 emissions

I am reviewing a potential purchase of a C15 diesel generator.  From what I can gather the EPA emissions for NMHC+NOx is 4 g/kW-hr (2.99 g/hp-hr) and the technical data for the C15 generator says emission are a combined 4.73 g/kW-hr (3.52 g/hp-hr).  Is this correct?  If so, how is the engine EPA certified for emergency use?  I have found EPA certificate FCPXL15.2NYS-009 saying its certified but the numbers do not appear to support that.  Can anyone help