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Re: Exhaust flow units

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Re: Exhaust flow units

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This spec should be standard based on the ISO testing. In addition, there is a difference in value between ACFM & SCFM if one or more of the following effective factors changes: pressure, temperature and humidity of the actual air. I would not consider this difference small or negligible.


Kevin, I suggest that you click on the below website that I found on the internet in order for you to collect more information regarding ACFM & SCFM, if you do not already know about it.



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Exhaust flow units

I am a project engineer for Wagner Power Systems. I have a customer working with some heat recoveery stuff. They are asking me if the units listed in the spec sheet (in this case a D60-6) are in ACFM of SCFM. It would seem to me since all of the tests are conducted to ISO standards, that the units would be in SCFM. It would also seem to me that at test conditions the ACFM and SCFM would be the same. Only if the operationg conditions vary from standard test conditions would the ACFM be different that the SCFM (presumably less). I have asked the ASC for help but can't find a definitive answer. Can anyone help and possibly provide documentation please?


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