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Re: How to get CE Approval for 3516B without Radiator Assy

Use the CE Marking When Exporting to the European Union

 CE Mark was conceived in 1985 by a New Approach Resolution in Europe and was made part of the European Community legislation two years later. According to some experts, CE does not have any meaning as an abbreviation, but may have originally stood for Communauté Européenne or Conformité Européenne, French for European Conformity.

In general, the steps to obtain CE Marking on these goods consist of:

  • Identifying applicable directives and standards,
  • Determining if the product meets all requirements of the applicable directives,
  • Preparing a technical file,
  • Preparing an EU Declaration of Conformity, and
  • Affixing the CE Marking.

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How to get CE Approval for 3516B without Radiator Assy

Dear CAT,

We will export used Genset 3516B (YAT's & YBT's Series) to Europe. Unfortunatelly both of model 3516B that we will export don't have CE Approval because when bought from local CAT Dealer in Indonesia without Radiator included. How is procedure to get CE approval so the unit's can be delivery to Europe.

Looking forward your help.