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Looking for a copy of D2 Testing for 3 engines



I am looking at trying to get ahold of copies of the original EPA D2 testing for the following 3 engine models:


2004   4CPXL78.1ERK    Model:3516B         2847.5 HP

2005   5CPXL78.1ERK    Model:3516B         2847.5 HP

2010   ACPXL105.T2E    Model:C175-16      4423    HP


I am really interested in the exhaust Gas Flow (CFM), Exhaust Gas Temperature (F)

of each load level.


Typical load levels: 10%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%.


I would love any and all data related to the testing!


If anyone has copies, please let me have a copy!