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Re: MACT ZZZZ impact

Retuning the engine must be used very cautiously.  Most electronic engines that are EPA cert. are registered and permitted for a reason.  Retuning engines with different emissions profiles must be registered and approved by the factory.  Check with your dealer before you do so.

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MACT ZZZZ impact


 While it won't preclude you from preforming an official stack test, installing CCV (if not already there) and complieing with record keeping rules. You can ask your Cat dealer to pull the TMI data from your units and they will be able to give you %CO production numbers. This info should help you plan for the future! Be advised that all Caterpiller engines are NOT created equal. Engine set up and Flash files will very greatly resulting in different machines emmiting more or less CO. If it looks like you'll have to add catalyst don't be afriad to lean on your dealer to look into retuneing reprograming the engine.......... 20k worth of engine work is cheaper then 50k of catalyst.............

Good luck!