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Re: NEC 708 Covering COPS

Just picked the following off of the CSE website, and wanted to share it.


The author Tommy Bufford outlines five actions you should consider to help you comply with Article 708.

1.  Perform a risk assessment

2.  Ensure full load 72 hour continuous alternate power source

3.  Review all sources and circuits for grounding compliance

4.  Protect against physical damage

5.  Understand any special requirements such a 100 year flood plan.


The article gives some good information on article 708.  But be aware that there are many other things to consider, such as:

- Testing to establish equipment baseline performance, and periodic testing to ensure continued performance

- Selective coordination of all supply side overcurrent protective devices

- Facility must have an emergency operating plan. 


These are just a few additional items I notices while reviewing the NEC. 


If anyone is interested in reviewing the NEC, it can be viewed for free online at

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Re: NEC 708 Covering COPS

Here's the quote from the NEC Handbook explaining what type of operations this article applies to:

"Article 708 is new for the 2008 Code. This article addresses homeland security issues for facilities that are “mission critical.” These requirements go beyond those of Article 700, in that these electrical systems must continue to operate during the full duration of an emergency and beyond. Examples of facilities that would use a critical operations power system include police stations, fire stations, and hospitals. It may not include every one of these facilities. It would only include those facilities that are designated as critical because power must operate continuously with a robust power supply."


Also, this Fine Print Note directly from from 708.1 Scope:
FPN No. 1: Critical operations power systems are generally installed in vital infrastructure facilities that, if destroyed or incapacitated, would disrupt national security, the economy, public health or safety; and where enhanced electrical infrastructure for continuity of operation has been deemed necessary by governmental authority.


I guess we will all learn more over time!

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Re: NEC 708 Covering COPS

I have started to hear from several data center operators that local jurisdictions are looking at this if the data center carries 911 calls.  As yet, we have not seen any change in maintenance requirements, but have been told (warned) that this may change.  This is something that needs to be talked about with our data center operators as it may impact contracts that are in place for emergency and standby power maintenances.

Re: NEC 708 Covering COPS

CSE Magazine hosted that webinar (  You can find it posted on their website.




NEC 708 Covering COPS

A couple of months ago, there was a webinar hosted one of the major publications (I don’t remember which one) about the new NEC article 708 covering COPS (Critical Operations Power Systems). 


Has anyone run into an installation where this article applies?  If not, what types of installations would be required to meet this article?