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Re: NSPS on site certification for gas fueled gensets


     I can only assume that your comment about SCR is intended for diesel engines.  Caterpillar will most definately have G3500 and G3600 lean burn gas engines available that will meet the 2010 NSPS standards without SCR aftertreatment.  On the smaller products (G3300 and G3400) stoichiometric engines with 3-way catalysts will be available.  The 2010 NSPS standards are no stricter on NOx than the current regulations in Europe, where Caterpillar has a large gas engine presence.  There are gas engine applications that call for SCR, but these are local standards that are stricter than the EPA NSPS standards. 



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Re: NSPS on site certification for gas fueled gensets

That's correct. Manufacture must certify the machine to meet the standard if effect at the the date it comes off the production line. Here's a link to Cat's Tier 4 white paper that includes a table with engine sizes and  EPA tier data.



Tier 4 is going to be the real kicker! Unless you want to take a operateing hour restriction on your permit you'll have to install SCR to meet the EPA limits. That will add roughly $100K per MW to capitol cost and @ $1.25 per MWH to O&M........Not sure about the little engines or transportation side I only have 3516's and bigger....




Re: NSPS on site certification for gas fueled gensets

The way I understand it, the certification process responsibility lies with the manufacturer.  If the engine does not meet the EPA requirements of certification then there is a way to deal with that.  You will have to refer to your horsepower range, duty type, and fuel type.  You can refer to Table 4 of 40 CFR Parts 60, 63, 85 et al. final that states, "Owners and operators of stationary non-certified SI engines may choose to comply with the emission standards in units of either g/HP-hr or ppmvd at 15 percent O2."
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NSPS on site certification for gas fueled gensets

Gas gensets with engines built after Jan 1, 2009 must be factory certified or the end user can take responsibility for site certification. Many manufacturers will only offer non factory certified sets. Does anyone have the site certification procedure that will be required to place such sites in service?