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Re: Problems about EPA & EURO

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Re: Problems about EPA & EURO

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Re: Problems about EPA & EURO



The 60Hz sets would typically meet the EU standards but would have to go through the certification process. Not aware of any Electric Power engines certified to EU at 1800rpm


The 1800rpm engines tend to be only certified for EPA, 1500rpm for EU.








Re: Problems about EPA & EURO



You did not say if it is natural gas or diesel powered.  Usually when engines are considered for certification, from what I can tell, they look at the Kw (Kva) output and not so much the generators output rating.


This article might shed some light on your question.  It indicates that the diesel-fueled generator set with ACERT™ Technology. Powered by the Cat® C18 engine in a 50 Hz model meets EU Stage II emissions regulations.


New Caterpillar® Diesel Generator Set with ACERT™ Technology Meets EU Stage II Emissions Regulations...

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Problems about EPA & EURO

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Q1: If a 60Hz genset meet the EPA certification, Does the same 50Hz genset meet the EPA certification?

Q2: Does a EPA certificated genset meet the EURO certification?

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