Tier 4 genset availability

Hello Cat Community,

Hopefully somebody from Cat Engineering, marketing, international group or others can give me a definative reply to this problem.

We are specifying a new diesel powered container crane for a client. Usually the total procurement cycle for a container crane is about 18 to 24 months from order date to final acceptance at the customer's facility. Today, we are not sure about the engineering details of such a set as it has yet to be designed by the OEM cranebuilder. These cranes are specified to be completely manufactured, assembled and some testing performed at a factory at an unknown foreign location, likely in Asia, South America, or Europe. The completed crane(s) will be shipped fully erected to the client.   Diesel generator power is specified, 13.8 KV class tier 4 compliant and low noise (as this will likely be required by the time the cranes are put into service or very shortly thereafter). The OEM order date will likely be 1st or 2nd quarter 2009. Prime power rating for the genset will likely be between 1600 and 2400 KW; depending on options chosen and negotated during the bidding process. Preliminary engineering for the bidding process will require various OEM's to price and size the generator sets after the crane mechanical and electrical drive system sizing is done but before the final bid evaluation is performed.


Since tier 4 is unique to the USA, how can one ensure the quotations made by dealers in possibly China, Korea, Brazil, Argentina, Finland, Spain, UK, maybe Japan, maybe Indonesia, and possibly eleswhere will be specification compliant for this client?


In year's past, Cat had a limited number of Power Generation specality dealers who could package sets for unique marine environment and industry requirements, but this appears to no longer be true. 


I see a potential for a difficult job on the horizon. Any suggestions?  The client will not supply any material for the crane, it is to be a product on one responsible contractor.