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Yes I worked in D399 engine atleast for 8 years in all applications like Drilling Rigs,Mud pumps,Fishing trawler and Fire water pumps. The fire pump application in Indian off shore platforms.Normally they use JOHNSTON PUMP and the design of the Total Package is Fluid power Incorporation Texas.

They use Centrifugal pump with Mutistage. The pressure of sea water will maintain upto Helideck.  

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Re: D399 fire pump application

Yes, I worked on three units built up for a Duke Energy project.  Been a lot of years, can't rememeber who packaged them, but they were sized to meet a need for a turbine based peaking plant integrated into a refinery, fire pump sizing demand dictated horsepower required.


Was recently at a small power plant using wood waste as boiler fuel, that site also had a very large sized fire pump and sprinkler system (not a CAT engine).  Usually using a "stock" FM approved unit meets most needs, large systems may use multiple units, but there will be times when multiple units may not meet the needs for many reasons.


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D399 fire pump application

Does anyone have any experience with the D399 used in a fire pump application?  What sort of fire pump would that be?  Where would it be used?  What kind of fire pump would need that much HP?

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