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Re: Exhaust energy regeneration

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Re: Exhaust energy regeneration



several issues with your idea, nobody will ever give warranty and for sure caterpillar will never aprove.


1: maximum allowable backpressure is 2.5kPa.


2: the C280 to comply with Tier 2 is running with quit high boost pressures 300-350kPa, comparable with a miller engine.

rerouting your gasses will affect emmisions, enigne power and thermal load.


3 you violate the IMO, EPA laws on emisions, because you make major modifictions to the systems. To recertify your engines will cost you enormous amounts of money.

but still then its doubtfull that cat agrees on your modifications.


4: as you probably understand, turbo pressure is only achieved by increasing load, the C280 is very infamous to have lazy turbos.

they pickup only at the end of the powerband  60% + so this means that you need to run at least 60% to achieve 100kPa.


5: to implement a system its better to use a gasturbine more consistand air flow and mostly already fitted with power turbine or the option is availeble.


Exhaust energy regeneration

Hello to everybody,

I work for a international naval shipyard DSNS. Currently I am researching the possibilities to maximize the efficiency of our CAT engines (2X C28012 main engines and 4X 35012 generators). One of the possibilities is the use of exhaust gas turbi. Exhaust gas turbines use the exhaust gas flow that bypasses the turbochargers (as seen in the image below). In order to calculate if this technology is viable for the above mentioned engines it is important to know from what engine load percentages the CAT turbochargers are at different engine loads.

The possible backpressure is also an issue with this technology. Is there a maximum allowance of exhaust pressure?

Does anybody know if CAT ever experimented with this technology or if there are known results on engines of this size?

If there is anyone that can assist me with information it will be appreciated

Best regards

Kevin van den Heuvel