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Re: Life expectancy of 3208T marine engine

Ultimately this depends on the total fuel that has been consumed by the engine over its life. There is a strong correlation between total fuel consumption and the time for overhaul. However..............time itself can wear through rust, acidity, plastic deterioration, etc. . 2300 hours at full throttle would have a different effect then 2300 hours of light cruising at 20% load. Typically in a non-commercial sportfishing boat you might see 200hrs of use per year with less then 10% at anything near full load. Based on the age and the great unknowns of such an engine i would have a dealer take an oil sample, boroscope a cylinder bore....maybe drop a rod bearing.....with this type of work you should have a good idea of where you are at in regards to life suspicion is that your engine has a long life remaining, but there I will not be the one 50 miles offshore with a storm bearing down on you...............

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Re: Life expectancy of 3208T marine engine

What horsepower rating?

Life expectancy of 3208T marine engine

I am looking at a 33 Bertram with 2300 hours on a pair of 3208T Cats. Is this a lot of hours for this engine and what can I expect to get out of it with proper maintenance?