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Re: Low Sulphur in MGO-- Any Cat approved lubricants to increase Lubricity to avoid Injector stickin

I worked with 3600 engines in power generation in the Pacific using military aviation fuel, and injector life was not an issue. 


What is the fuel viscosity?  As I remember minimum viscosity per CAT recommendations is 1.4 cSt.


What is your fuel temperature at the fuel filter housing? How are you cooling your fuel?  With lighter fuels you need to assure your fuel supply temperature is lower than the CAT recommended maximum temperatures. Depending on the viscosity of your fuel, you may want to assure your fuel temp supplied to the engine is less than 90 degrees F.


Also are you sure you're getting correct fuel flow?  Cavitation in the fuel system can cause injector sticking as well, and low fuel flow rates can cause the fuel to heat too much.


CAT publication LEBV0546, Maintenance and Technical Handbook for 3600 Engines has a lot of information you may find helpful. You should also try and get a copy of the application and installation guide for 3600 marine engines, and go thru the fuel section to assure your system meets the current recommendations.


Before tyring an additive I would assure the fuel system is working correctly and to CAT recommendations, there are a large number of engines in the world operating on light distillate fuels with acceptable injector service life.


Hope that helps.


Low Sulphur in MGO-- Any Cat approved lubricants to increase Lubricity to avoid Injector sticking

Dear All,


We are operating Cat 3616 Marine Engine (Main Propulssion application) with MGO(Marine Gas Oil) and we are facing frequent Injector Sticking. Supplied MGO in West Africa region are having low sulphur around 0.05%, could be possible reason. We are planning to use additive to increase the lubricity to avoid this problem.


Suggesstion are appreciate in this regard. Any cat approved additive / Type / Spec ??

With B'rgds,



sujay mandal