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I Want To Purchase CCM

I Want to purchase caterpiller CCM, Anybody want to sale contact me 


Aatif Siddique


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Re: CCM Module Strange Behavior

hello Mario,

I solved it! I builted the string with an error: in the STBD engine I wrote 21 instead 22 (21=port, 22=stbd), and when I abilitated it the dot apthpeared, probably beacuse the port ECU in the stbd ECM do not exist.

Anyway many thank for you reply



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Re: CCM Module Strange Behavior

Areyou  try to change the adress of ECM ? These ECM have the same adress. Are you put the power on the ECM ?

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CCM Module Strange Behavior

Hello all,

I've to monitor by PLC two marine engine 3500B on a 55mt yacht, and for reason I've created a program that send 2 broadcast request (13). In port engine everything is OK, I see CCM that read from ECM and send two times on RS232, while in Stbd Engine after I sent the 2 requests I see that CCM send only one broadcast list, and the the led of ECM communication is always on (E.00) while RS232 led is blinking. If I try to reset the CCM removing the RS232 plug, CCM remain with E.00 instead E00.

Is it in fault? How can I reset it and return to the originally situation (E00)?

Any helps will be well accept


Tnx a lot