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Firstly are you sure the unit has failed and that the power and Earth supplies are working correctly. If you are confident that the unit has failed there was a reman option for some of the MPD units depending on which one you have. The part number is on the back of the MPD,

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Cat Marine Power Display MPD

The MPD is not working and I need to get a rebuilt or remanufactured one and need advise on where and if they are available from Catepillar or aftermarket. This is a dual station with two C-12 engines on the bridge of a charter boat in Cape May, NJ although I am in Florida at present time. If anyone can suggest where I can send my present unit out for repairs or a rebuilt used one I would deeply appreciate any advise. I do not want to pay $2500.00 for new orginal MPD as the boat is being sold in the fall of 2017.

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