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Diagnostic Tool DICARE

I am not familiar with the PC based diagnostic solutions such as DiCare, but as you point out, they are really intended for two different applications. The Monico solution is intended as a continuous online system that has many of the same features, but I am sure there are some distinguishing features.


The CDL Gateway is a dedicated device that collects the same information and sends it to existing devices such as ship alarm systems, Programmable Logic Controllers, etc. It supports all fault codes, operational data, performance data, fuel consumption, and maintenance data. It then converts to one or multiple protocols simultaneously, so other shipboard systems can access the information. It can also act as a master device and collect data from other devices such as PLC's, switchgear, etc. So, it is intended as a complete customer interface solution for CAT engines.


It is typically used to collect engine data, generator data, and switchgear data and convert to PLC language such as Siemens or Allen Bradley for the shipboard automation system, then convert data to another protocol for the ship alarm system, then send the data to an HMI in the wheelhouse for use by the crew, provide an interface for specific information over the web to the ship owner, and provide a remote diagnostic interface to service personnel so they can be prepared when a problem occurs.


The DiCare system may be a little more detailed when it comes to the engine diagnostics, but I have found it invaluable to log data from the generator and switchgear right along side the engine data. Many times, engine data alone is an incomplete picture of what is causing certain issues.


Some other available features are:

Real-time data logging on an up to 2 GB Compact Flash card

Email notification upon alarm

Sync server to sync log files with an IP connected computer

FTP server to allow a remote computer to manage log files

Virtual HMI that is viewed using nothing but Internet Explorer from any IP connected computer

Custom HTML web server inteface used to present specific information-such as fault codes to a CAT dealer onshore......