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Thanks so much for the help. It now works.

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Re: Marine Power Display

The MPD should be able to display lifetime and trip information from the ADEM III ECM.   The trip information is resetable from the MPD or trip reset switch input to the custormer connector using pin 19.  The current software for the MPD is 342-5790.  This software may help. 

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Re: Marine Power Display

Update the engine and MPD software. Engine software part number 2671457. MPD software 3063061. A wiring change will be needed with the new MPD software. Your Cat dealer should know the details.
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Marine Power Display

I have twin CAT 3216B engines(new 2002) with CAT marine power displays. When my CAT tech hooks up his computer directly to my engine it reports the total fuel burned for my engine. This information does not show up on my marine power display. However, when I look up the spec sheet from CAT on the marine power displays it states that the marine power displays will show the engine total fuel burned and trip total fuel burned. I would like to know how to make my displays show this information? My CAT tech does not seem to know the answer and I do not know where else to turn. Possibly the displays from 2002 are not equipped with the current software to show this information. If so could I upgrade the software to allow them to show this information?

FYI I do have a trip reset toggle switch at my control station but it does not do anything.

CAT serial numbers 3GS00639 and 641. Thank you very much for any help or advice you can offer.