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Re: PL1000T - MPD on bridge: all alarms

Post engine serial number, MPD software part number and PL1000 software part number.
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PL1000T - MPD on bridge: all alarms

We have problem with our panel MCD on the bridge. We have 4 panels, but only the problem is with only one panel ( No.4)

We are using PL1000T – Can extension bridge connections. Engine: PL1000T-1, and Bridge – PL1000T-2. Example for portside and Stb FRW.

Sometimes we have on the MCD bridge display No.4 : all alarms: communications problem  + all faults ( all list). But this same signal from the engine is going to the panel on the engine and to the displays in ECR (CAN). In the engine room, and ecr we don’t have any alarms.

CAT 3500B

When alarms list we can see on the bridge, nothing happen with the engine ( no alarms).


Did any of you had a similar case maybe?

Did you know how can you simulate the occurrence of all alarms at the same time?

Maybe this is softwar problem?


We are now testing, but if you have any idea please let me know.


Thank you in advance