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Re: fault finding

Thanks for the update.  I have been on vacation, so I missed your original post.  The low cylinder temperatures can be a good indicator of a non-firing injector.  The computer will flow additional fuel to the well-running injectors to offset the lost of power in the other three cylinders.  Good job.


Re: fault finding

My problem was an defective injector. This was changed , then we set the Poncat laptop up with the technician software . We used the injector number off the tappit end for the new code. Put the new code into the software and saved.

Wasnt as bad as I thought.



fault finding

Hi we have a 3516 cat onboard and this evening we got a temp deviation alarm and the engineer found 3 cyclinders were not reading.As we are new and have not seen what happens when you lose an injector , the guys are thinking its an electrical problem but none of us are familar with this size of CAT engine.

We have a diagnostic PC onboard with poncat installed (or cat fault finding program) , how can I test if theres an injector down etc.

I have heard you look for error codes.?

As the probes that carry the temperatures back to the main box are wired one by one surely it cant be probe pulling another down.

Any ideas why three cyclinders would read low.

We will try this laptop tomorrow , i was looking for tips to see what happens when an injector goes down, incase this is the source of my problem.

Help appreciated.