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Re: Laser Alignment Tool

I don't think CAT offers a laser tool thru CSTG or the parts system, or even has specific recommendations for one.


Lafayette uses both Ludeca Opta-Lign and Roto-Lign units, and some of the field groups now use the Ludeca VibScan with the alignment option.


Solar uses CSI/Emerson Machine Health tools.


I used a CSI UltraSpec 8000 with both alignment and vbration for years, very durable machine but no longer supported by CSI.


I've helped a few dealers setup and use the VibrLign Shaft Hog with good results for most machines.


Hope that helps, Mike L.

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Laser Alignment Tool



I got an inquiry from one of our petroleum customer who`s looking for a laser shaft alignment tool  might be supplied by CAT; and wish you may support me to identify it`s CAT p/n if a such tool might be used in service/ application operations.